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Tecdur Acoustic Glass is a specialist sound reduction glass designed to dramatically reduce sound levels within living spaces.

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What is Tecdur Acoustic Glass

Tecdur Acoustic Glass is a specialist sound reduction glass designed to dramatically reduce sound levels within living spaces. Sound levels vary depending on the environment, for example a busy road will generate a sound level of around 70dB. By contrast a room would be considered quiet with a sound level of around 30dB. Therefore to achieve the required level of ambient sound within a living space, the external level may need to be reduced by as much as 40dB or more. Glazing thickness and glass composition both influence the amount of sound attenuation or ‘soundproofing’ achieved. Typically 4mm single glazing will provide sound reduction of 29dB Rw while standard double glazing (4mm glass both sides) will only provide 31dB Rw.

Why use Acoustic Glass?

By introducing acoustic interlayers into our glass constructions, we can provide improved sound reduction, thereby significantly reducing the sound entering the space. Tecdur Acoustic Glass incorporates one or more specialist sound reducing interlayers designed to provide sound reduction of up to 42dB Rw. The acoustic interlayer used within our soundproof glass is totally clear and has no impact on visual quality. What’s more, whether you are a quantity surveyor or architect, Tecdur Acoustic Glass can also eliminate the need for obtrusive secondary glazing.

Therefore, Tecdur Acoustic Glass is an ideal solution for sound reduction for office partitions, manufacturing environments, hospitality spaces, schools and much more. In addition, the sound reduction achieved can vary across different frequencies. Thus the most common measure used is a ‘weighted’ average sound reduction=Rw.

Why Choose Us?

With over 15 years’ industry experience and extensive capabilities, we can service the requirements of both public and private sector customers. By utilising the vast experience of our skilled workforce, specialised equipment and long-term relationships with valued partners, we possess a strong track record in providing customers with quality cost effective glazing solutions. We also recognise that in order to meet modern design requirements, projects often require increasingly advanced glass systems. Tecdur Acoustic Glass can be enhanced to provide additional performance benefits including manual attack resistance [EN356, LPS1270/LPS1175], ballistic resistance [EN1063], fire resistance [Exova, CertiFire], blast resistance and switchable privacy. Tecdur products have been specified and installed within prisons, police stations, Embassies, high street retailers, residential homes etc within the UK and Europe.

Together, Tecdur Acoustic Glass is the perfect choice for those looking to create quiet calming spaces

Acoustic Glass can be:

  • Impact Resistant

  • Bullet Resistant

  • Blast Resistant

  • Fire Resistant

  • Acoustic

  • Privacy

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