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Tecdur Ballistic Glass is a range of transparent armoured glass solutions designed for both architectural or building applications.

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What is Tecdur Ballistic Glass?

Tecdur Ballistic is a range of transparent armoured glass designed for both architectural and vehicle applications. The Tecdur Ballistic Glass range of bullet resistant glass, also known as bullet proof glass, is made of glass-polymer composites engineered to withstand the full range of ballistic threats certified to EN 1063.

Why use Tecdur Ballistic Glass?

Bullet resistant glass is designed to dissipate and absorb the energy of a projectile on impact and to contain the fragments within the body of the glass. Tecdur Ballistic provides effective resistance against all firearms and ammunition types listed within EN 1063. Our bullet proof glass is available in two types; spall and no spall. A pane of Tecdur Ballistic Glass that provides no spall will stop a bullet within the relevant class and leave no evidence of spall/splintering on the safe side of the glass. The range encompasses bullet resistant glass manufactured using both traditional constructions and more innovative light weight solutions. The latter option can offer an impressive weight saving of up to 30% which can be particularly important in the automotive and marine sectors.

The Tecdur range of bullet resistant glass can be up to 33% lighter than typical glass-glass laminates while retaining near perfect clarity with a light transmission of ≥85-90%. Whereas comparable all glass products can have a light transmittance as low as 60%. Tecdur Ballistic is certified to all levels of EN 1063 [BR1, BR2, BR3, BR4, BR5 and BR6; as well as SG1 and SG2.  We also have certification to AK47].  Tecdur Ballistic Glass is typically specified for and installed within high security installations, high-end retailers, high net worth properties and so on.

Why Choose Us?

With over 15 years’ industry experience and extensive in-house manufacturing capabilities, we can service the requirements of both public and private sector customers. By utilising the vast experience of our skilled workforce, specialised equipment and long-term relationships with valued partners, we are experienced in providing customers with high quality cost effective ballistic glazing solutions. We also recognise that in order to meet modern design requirements, projects often require increasingly advanced glass systems. Tecdur Ballistic Glass can be enhanced to provide additional performance benefits such as manual attack resistance [EN356, LPS1270], fire resistance [Exova, CertiFire], blast resistance and privacy.

Tecdur Bullet Resistant Glass is engineered to protect against a wide range of firearm threats.

Applications include:

  • Airports
  • Military installations
  • High value commercial/ retail
  • Embassies
  • High net worth property

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Ballistic Glass can be:

  • Enhanced Security

  • Impact Resistant

  • Bullet Resistant

  • Blast Resistant

  • Fire Resistant

  • Acoustic

  • Privacy

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