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Tecdur Frameless Glass Balustrades are safety barriers designed to minimise visual impact whilst providing maximum structural performance and safety.

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What are Tecdur Frameless Glass Balustrades

Tecdur Frameless Glass Balustrades are safety barriers designed to minimise visual impact whilst providing maximum structural performance and safety. Our glass balustrades are manufactured by laminating high strength EVA & MPE interlayers between toughened glass layers.

MPE is a high-performance, multi-layer polyester insert specifically designed to be used in conjunction with EVA for heavy impact and printed laminated safety glass applications. Research has shown that the incorporation of a layer of MPE into EVA laminated toughened glass provides significant improvements in stiffness, strength and shear modulus when compared to similar PVB laminated constructions. Therefore by combining EVA and MPE interlayers we can potentially reduce the overall glass thickness of our glass balustrades, in turn reducing weight and cost.

Why use frameless glass balustrades?

The application of frameless glass balustrades is a popular design feature in architectural glazing, both internally and externally. Tecdur Frameless Glass Balustrades offer Architects and Specifiers the freedom to explore design possibilities without compromising on barrier safety. From a visual perspective, Tecdur Frameless Glass Balustrades offer unimpeded views through a space providing a minimalist modern look. Our system for laminating toughened glass allows us to manufacture glass constructions suitable for external free-standing balustrade applications. The Tecdur range of glass balustrades can perform in a range of service conditions which is demonstrated by their capacity to meet the requirements of BS 6180:2011 up to and including 3kN/m line loads.

Combining the mechanical properties of EVA and MPE we can offer lighter alternatives to PVB laminates e.g. 17.5mm vs 21.5mm glass thickness at 0.74 kN/m line loads – which are completely water resistant and therefore suitable for internal or external balcony applications. PVB is hygroscopic i.e. it absorbs moistures – and therefore PVB Laminated Glass is unsuitable for use in external applications as it will degrade and/or delaminate if its edges are exposed to the elements. In contrast EVA is completely impervious to moisture/water, thus EVA laminated glass products are ideally suited for exposed edge external use and will not degrade or delaminate even if immersed in water. In addition, by using thicker toughened glass layers we are able to emulate the performance of SGP based products at the 1.5kN/m and 3.0kN/m, but at a lower cost per m2.

Why Choose Us?

With over 15 years’ industry experience and extensive in-house manufacturing capabilities, our customers recognise our ability to provide robust cost-effective glazing solutions. We also recognise that in order to meet modern design requirements, projects can require increasingly advanced glass systems. Tecdur Frameless Glass Balustrades can be enhanced to provide additional performance benefits such as manual attack resistance [EN356], ballistic resistance [EN1063] and blast resistance.

Tecdur Frameless Glass Balustrades supports your vision by providing uncompromising barrier safety with unimpeded views that complement any setting.

Applications include:

• Public realm
• Commercial spaces
• Residential balconies
• Internal staircases
• Internal level changes

Balustrade Glass can be:

  • Impact Resistant

  • Bullet Resistant

  • Blast Resistant

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