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Tecdur FireSecure is a range of fire resistant glass products made of glass-polymer composites engineered to provide protection from fire as well as high levels of attack.

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What is Tecdur Fire Secure?

Tecdur Fire Secure is a range of fire rated glass products made of glass-polymer composites engineered to provide protection from fire as well as high levels of physical attack. Our laminating technology allows us to incorporate a range of fireproof glass products into the Tecdur Secure Glass range. These can provide both integrity only and integrity/insulation solutions when glazed in suitable framing.

Why use fire rated glazing?

Our fire rated glass is designed to compartmentalise and minimise fire damage. It is often installed in areas designed to allow safe passage (entry/exit) in the case of a fire whilst restricting the spread of fire throughout a building to prevent structural damage. Fireproof glass should be installed as part of any building’s fire safety strategy, unless otherwise advised. Tecdur Fire Secure is rigorously tested to validate it’s performance in providing a period of integrity and or insulation protection against fire. The level of protection, or rating, is marked on the glass face and depends on the requirement. Fire glass rated as integrity only is denoted by the letter ‘E’ and refers to the period of time the glass can remain in it’s frame to prevent the ingress of flame and smoke. E.g E60 indicates that the glass will remain in it’s frame for up to 60 minutes. Fire glass denoted as providing Integrity and Insulation is denoted as ‘EI’. EI90 glass can prevent and limit the spread of flame, smoke and heat for up to 90 minutes.

Why Choose Us?

With over 15 years’ industry experience and extensive in-house manufacturing capabilities, our customers recognise our track record to provide consistently high-quality cost-effective security glazing. We also appreciate that in order to meet modern design requirements, projects often require increasingly advanced glass systems. Tecdur Fire Secure can be enhanced to provide additional performance benefits such as manual attack resistance [EN356, LPS1270], switchable privacy and transparency, sound reduction, ballistic resistance [EN1063] and blast resistance.

Tecdur FireSecure is engineered to protect people and property from the risk of fire.

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Fire Secure can be:

  • Enhanced Security

  • Impact Resistant

  • Bullet Resistant

  • Blast Resistant

  • Fire Resistant

  • Acoustic

  • Privacy

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