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What is Tecdur Privacy

Tecdur Privacy Glass is an electrically switchable smart glass designed to provide switchable privacy or transparency in commercial and residential settings.
Privacy glass is also referred to as smart glass, intelligent glass, electrochromic glass or switchable glass – is ideal for providing glass that turns opaque on demand

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Why choose Tecdur Privacy?

Tecdur is the leading manufacturer of smart glass for the UK and Ireland. Tecdur Privacy provides the best clarity, lowest power consumption and lowest haze currently available.  We aim to stay ahead as the technology develops.

Our electric switchable glass uses advanced PDLC liquid crystal film. The PDLC is sandwiched and sealed between two layers of glass, providing durability, reliability and extra safety.  At Tecdur we create smart glass for a range of uses. This is truly customisable glass that is dimmable from opaque to transparent and is available in light and dark versions.

Why use switchable privacy glass?

Office Space / Hospitals

Electrically switchable glass partitions gives adaptability and style to interior space. Switchable glass can easily transform a space from open and shared with the flexibility to use glass for privacy and projection when opaque. Our privacy glass is available to meet fire and acoustic needs. Furthermore it is as easily cleaned in the same way as standard glass.

Hospitality / Hotels

Provide elegance and sophistication using privacy glass in hotel bedrooms and meeting spaces. The switchable glass technology makes the perfect partition between a relaxing / sleeping space and a bathroom area providing spaciousness or privacy when needed.


Tecdur smart glass can be used for exterior windows that face the street or neighbours. Giving instant privacy without curtains or blinds. As a result this can make homes more energy efficient, solar control switchable glass can be used to reduce the infra-red light which creates heat. Smart glass partitioning of internal rooms including bathrooms is also popular.


Additionally Tecdur Privacy technology allows shopfront windows to be used for visual advertising through rear projection, turning the shopfront into an intelligent glass. For instance, promoting retail branding and products without permanently blocking windows with traditional signage or TV screens.

There are a range of types of PDLC film types which you can learn more in our in our brochure – please download here. Tecdur Privacy as a result is the ideal switchable smart glass product for architects, partitions, windows, doors, audio visual specialists and others seeking to achieve privacy and transparency at the flick of a switch.

How does electrochromic glass work?

When the electrical current is switched off the molecules mis-align and the glass turns opaque or translucent giving privacy.

When an electric charge is applied, the liquid crystal molecules align which allows light to pass through the glass.

What does electric privacy glass cost?

This is an impossible question to answer on a website when there is such a wide range of types, sizes, thicknesses, quantity and specifications.  As an indication, where a standard double glazed unit in a house may cost £60-£80 per m2, you should expect the equivalent double glazed unit in switchable privacy glass to cost roughly 8-10 times that.  Single glazed switchable glass will cost less and high performance triple glazed switchable privacy glass will cost more.  There are many variables, as a result this will give only a budgetary idea.  This cost can be offset against the cost of special blinds, curtains and the alternative glass.

Please do get in touch through our contact page for a more precise quotation.


Privacy Glass can be:

  • Enhance Security

  • Impact Resistant

  • Bullet Resistant

  • Blast Resistant

  • Fire Resistant

  • Acoustic

  • Privacy

Frequently asked Questions

Privacy glass is typically a permanent installation and may not be easily removed without professional assistance. Attempting to remove it without proper knowledge could damage the glass. Please contact us if you have any queries.

In its transparent state, privacy glass allows clear visibility. However, when it is in the opaque or translucent state, it provides privacy by obstructing the view.

Privacy glass, also known as smart glass or switchable glass, typically relies on the use of electrical currents to change its transparency. At night, when it's dark outside, privacy glass may not provide as much privacy as during the day when there's more ambient light. The effectiveness can depend on the specific type of privacy glass and its design.

Privacy glass is already designed to transition between transparent and opaque states. Tinting may not be necessary, as the glass itself provides privacy when needed.

Our privacy glass works by utilising advanced PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal) film. When an electrical current is applied, the liquid crystal molecules align, allowing light to pass through, making the glass transparent. When the current is switched off, the molecules mis-align, causing the glass to turn opaque or translucent, providing privacy.

The cost of privacy glass varies based on factors such as type, size, thickness, quantity, and specifications. It is generally a premium product, and costs may be higher than traditional glass options. Please contact our team to receive an accurate quote.

The cost of privacy glass depends on the specific requirements and dimensions of the glass. It is advisable to contact us for detailed pricing based on individual needs.

Privacy glass is valued for its ability to provide on-demand privacy and control over visibility. Whether it's worth it depends on individual preferences, needs, and the specific application. If you have any queries with privacy glass, please contact our team.

Privacy glass, also known as switchable glass, is a type of glass that can change its transparency or opacity with the application of an electrical current. It offers a dynamic solution for controlling visibility through glass surfaces.

Privacy glass can provide some level of UV protection, depending on its specifications.

Privacy glass can contribute to reducing heat by controlling the amount of light passing through. The opaque state can block sunlight, helping to minimize heat gain in the enclosed space.

Electric privacy glass works by using PDLC liquid crystal film. When an electric charge is applied, the liquid crystal molecules align, allowing light to pass through the glass. When the charge is switched off, the molecules mis-align, making the glass opaque or translucent for privacy.

There are different types of privacy glass offer varying levels of opacity and design options to suit different preferences and applications. Switchable Privacy Glass utilizes PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal) technology to switch between transparent and opaque states with the application of an electric current. Electrochromic Glass changes tint or opacity in response to a low-voltage electrical current, allowing users to control light and visibility. Frosted Glass achieves privacy by sandblasting or acid etching the glass surface, creating a translucent appearance. Tinted Glass incorporates a colored tint to the glass, reducing visibility from the outside while maintaining some transparency. Patterned or Textured Glass features designs or textures on the glass surface, providing privacy through distortion while allowing light transmission.

Privacy glass is a versatile solution for homes, offering the ability to control visibility through windows and glass surfaces. It can be used in various areas, including living spaces, bedrooms, and home offices, providing on-demand privacy.

Privacy glass is an ideal choice for bathrooms, where controlling visibility is crucial. It allows the glass to transition from transparent to opaque, ensuring privacy when needed, and can contribute to creating a comfortable and functional bathroom environment.

Privacy glass for doors is a practical application, especially for entry doors or doors leading to private spaces. It allows homeowners to control visibility through the doors, enhancing both security and privacy. The ability to switch between transparent and opaque states provides flexibility in door design and functionality.

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