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What is Tecdur Secure

Tecdur Secure Glass is a range of enhanced security glass engineered to withstand severe levels of manual attack

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Secure Glass

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Why use security glass?

Security glazing is often the first line of defence to protect high value goods and property or to prevent escape or self-harm in a secure institution. Tecdur Secure Glass has become the leading brand of security glass in UK an Ireland, recognised for performance and technical know-how. We work with you to specify appropriate anti bandit glass to EN356 or enhanced security glass to LPS1270.

Our usual applications include:

High value retail or commercial
VIP protection
Prisons and Police custody suites
Mental health establishments
High security facilities
High value commercial/retail
Security doors

Our secure glass certifications

Tecdur Secure Glass has been rigorously tested and certified to EN 356 [ P1A – P5A, P6B, P7B and P8B ] and LPS 1270 [ SR1, SR2, SR3, SR4, SR5 and SR6 ].

EN 356 certified glass is generally referred to as anti-bandit glass. Testing in the low levels – P1A, P2A, P3A, P4A and P5A – uses a series of large steel ball drops. EN356 P6B, P7B and P8B requires the glass to withstand multiple strikes from an axe. If the glass can withstand 30-50 axe strikes before creating an aperture, P6B is achieved. If the number of strikes is between 51-70, P7B is achieved and over 70 achieves P8B.

Tecdur Secure Glass is also certified to the LPS 1270 standard for security glazing. LPS 1270 was created by the Loss Prevention Certification Board following consultation with Police and Insurers. The standard is designed to simulate a more ‘realistic’ set of manual attack tests. The LPS 1270 classification system rates a piece of glass with a three-digit code, e.g. LPS 1270 1.1.2. Each digit describes the glasses resistance to the creation of different sized holes made a series of tools used for increasing the length of time – up to 10 minutes.

The first digit indicates how long and with what tools it takes to create a hole in the glass big enough to pass a piece of wire through to potentially open a handle or lock. The second digit is determined by how long and with what tools it takes to create a hole big enough to get a hand through the window to operate a handle or lock. The third digit involves the creation of a space large enough to fit a human torso through. To maintain this onerous certification we undergo regular audits to ensure that our products and processes conform to the standard’s strict requirements.

Why Choose Us?

With over 15 years’ industry experience and extensive in-house manufacturing capabilities, our customers recognise our track record to provide consistently high- quality cost-effective security glass. We also appreciate that in order to meet modern design requirements, projects often require increasingly advanced glass systems. Tecdur Secure Glass can be enhanced to provide additional performance benefits such as switchable privacy, sound reduction, ballistic resistance [EN 1063], fire resistance [Exova, CertiFire] and blast resistance.

Tecdur Secure Glass is a high-performance laminated glass range engineered to protect people and property.

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Secure Glass can be:

  • Enhance Security

  • Impact Resistant

  • Bullet Resistant

  • Blast Resistant

  • Fire Resistant

  • Acoustic

  • Privacy

Frequently asked Questions

Privacy glass is an ideal choice for bathrooms, where controlling visibility is crucial. It allows the glass to transition from transparent to opaque, ensuring privacy when needed, and can contribute to creating a comfortable and functional bathroom environment.

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