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See the video below where our Tecdur® Secure provided premises with the necessary protection. Preventing loss during a ram raid with a Land Rover. Tecdur Secure is a high security glass that is impact resistant. Tecdur Secure Glass is third party tested and accredited. Tecdur Secure products have been rigorously tested and certified to EN 356 [P6A-P8B] and LPS 1270 [SR1-SR6]. EN 356 testing requires that products demonstrate performance in withstanding high impact strikes. Tecdur Secure is suitable for a wide range of applications including retail display, shop display security, high security doors and high security windows.

Tecdur® Secure can also be enhanced to provide fire resistance (Tecdur® Fire Secure), bullet resistance (Tecdur® Ballistic Glass) and blast resistance (Tecdur® Blast Glass)

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