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Tecdur Display Secure installation at a leading jewellery retailer’s London stores. Both flat and curved Low Iron Tecdur were installed into bespoke display cases. Due to the quality and performance offered this Tecdur Display Secure installation has led to additional projects for the company.

Our display case glass range provides impact resistance. Manufactured from glass-polymer composites engineered to withstand very high levels of sustained manual attack. Options for Tecdur Display Secure as single side glass clad, dual side clad, double glazed or multi-ply.

Tecdur Display Secure is accredited to EN 356 for attack resistant glazing. EN 356 testing requires that products demonstrate performance in withstanding high impact strikes. The standard consists of 8 levels [P1A-P8B]. EN 356 (Levels P1A-P5A) testing involves dropping a steel ball from increasing height onto the glass surface. Whereas EN 356 P6B-P8B requires a product to withstand multiple strikes from a mechanical axe, This is designed to simulate the types of strikes associated with deliberate and organised attack.

Tecdur Display Secure has also achieved certification to the LPS 1270 standard for intruder resistant glazing. LPS 1270 was created by the Loss Prevention Certification Board following consultation with Police and Insurers. The standard is designed to simulate a more ‘realistic’ set of manual attack tests. 

Tecdur Display Secure is capable of enhancements to provide additional performance benefits. Including impact resistance Tecdur® Secure and Switchable privacy Tecdur® Privacy 

Further information on Display Secure can be found here:  Tecdur® Display Secure

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