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Recently Tecdur have made an investment in a new LasermarkPRO. This new machine allows us to label the products we manufacture with the Tecdur logo professionally and efficiently. In addition to branding it also provides the market and customers with assurance of the quality expected from Tecdur.

The investment in a new LasermarkPro has many advantages over traditional marking techniques, bringing flexibility, speed and replication. With lasermarking there are no consumables required, it provides easy replication when marking numerous products with the same logo. Along with the software it allows for flexibility with a variety of designs and text to suit our different products.

The investment in the new LasermarkPro further enhances Tecdur’s commitment to continuous improvement in our production, This new machine is just one of many improvements we have added recently to ensure the best quality product and service for our customers.

Tecdur  is capable of marking all our glass products now. Including Tecdur® SecureTecdur® Privacy, Tecdur® MachineSafe as well as Tecdur® Acoustic,  Tecdur® Ballistic and  Tecdur® Blast Glass. Look out for the lasermark on your next order from Tecdur

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