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See video below where our Tecdur Secure glass provided premises with the necessary protection and preventing loss during a ram raid with a Land Rover. The glass provides substantial resistance against attack, protecting the property and the contents of the store by preventing ingress. Dependent on the risk and type of premises, Tecdur Secure is available factory-made to suit different levels of attack resistance.

Tecdur Secure glass is a high security glass that is impact resistant. In addition we also have third party testing and accreditation. Tecdur Secure is certified to EN 356 and LPS 1270. EN 356 testing requires that products show performance in withstanding high impact strikes. This provides our customers with the confidence they require in the products to perform. Tecdur Secure is suitable for a wide range of applications including retail display, shop display security, high security doors and high security windows.

Tecdur Secure is capable of enhancements to provide additional performance benefits. Including Fire resistance Tecdur® Fire Secure and Switchable privacy Tecdur® Privacy as well as Sound reduction Tecdur® Acoustic,. Ballistic resistance Tecdur® Ballistic and blast resistance Tecdur® Blast Glass.

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